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Is your garage suitable for conversion?

Updated: Jun 14

Once considered a luxury, a home office has now become essential for millions of people who work remotely or from home. Given the limited space in many homes, converting a garage can provide a valuable workspace. If your garage is primarily used for storage or as a cluttered area rather than a secure parking spot, it could be transformed into an ideal home office.

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Transforming a garage into a home office provides a clear separation between living and working areas. This cost-effective option utilizes existing structure and minimizes noise interference from the main living spaces. The conversion also preserves garden space.

A single garage provides approximately 15m2 of floor space, which is sufficient for an office. With a double garage offering around 30m2, you have greater flexibility. This size could accommodate a spacious home office along with a shower/toilet or utility room/storage area.

One of our surveyors can help determine whether your garage is suitable for conversion after assessing the soundness of the walls, roof and foundations. Some garages are poorly built or too deteriorated, in which case it may be more cost-effective to demolish and rebuild. Garages are typically not designed for living spaces, often having single-skin brick or block walls. To convert it into a home office, the walls will need to be plasterboarded, insulated, and decorated. Additionally, the footings should be inspected to ensure they are adequate.

You will need to make sure your home office is comfortable all year round, so thoroughly plan your heating, lighting and electrics. A plumber may be able to extend your home’s central heating system. Alternatively, electric wall-mounted heaters can be relatively cheap to install. Remember to make provision for any hot and cold water supplies if you’re planning to install a toilet, baisin or shower.

Ensure that your home office remains comfortable throughout the year, so thoroughly plan the heating installation. Consider expanding your home's central heating, or opt for cost-effective electric wall-mounted heaters. Don't forget to account for hot and cold water supplies if you intend to incorporate a toilet, basin, or shower.

Remember to consider all your technology requirements and ensure an ample number of electrical outlets as well as a phone connection near your desk. Adequate lighting is crucial for a home office. Planning in advance is key to prevent the need for installing cables, outlets, and lighting fixtures after the plastering has been completed.

Instead of relocating the electricity meter or boiler, you may want to enclose them in cupboards that provide convenient access. This approach could result in significant cost savings. If there is a boiler in the garage, make sure to incorporate adequate carbon monoxide detection and ventilation measures into your design.

Most garages lack windows or have only small openings, resulting in a dark and gloomy interior. It is important to consider the lighting and ambiance of the space. If you prefer a well-lit environment, investing in a larger window can be a worthwhile idea. Floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding doors opening to the garden can bring in ample natural light, completely changing the room's atmosphere. Glass bricks and roof lights are alternative options to consider.

The final outcome of your conversion project will be influenced by your desired aesthetics, functionality, and budget size. Opting for a local builder is typically the most cost-effective approach to bring your vision to life. For more upscale projects, collaborating with an architect can enhance the space's potential, align it with your objectives, and ensure seamless integration with the rest of your home. Architects can oversee the planning and building control processes as part of their services. Alternatively, you can consider engaging Oktav Projects - a company that specializes in designing and executing garage conversions.

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